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Indian food and cuisine dates back thousands of years. Each region has its own traditions, religions and culture that influence its food. India is known for its absolute amazing cooking styles and the distinct mixing of spices that invariably give Indian cuisine its flavour and aroma.

One of the hidden gems amongst them is the Kokum fruit which is used in most regional cooking of India.

Kokum – Garcinia Indica – is an antioxidant-rich fruit with various medicinal properties along with its unique taste. It is a name of a tropical fruit grown on an evergreen tree from India and is a natural fit in most curries, adding a fruity sour tart, floral undertone and a pleasant hint of sweetness that plays especially well with rich and spicy dishes.

We, Tejesh & Jai, came together for our love of authentic pan-Indian Cuisine. With The KOKUM, We wanted to bring the abundant health benefits of Indian spices and fruits to the table through something that we all love – Good Food! We want you to come and enjoy our hospitality along with scrumptious food.

For us, The KOKUM is not only about food but also about awakening the human senses through a culinary delight like no other.

The KOKUM is a new authentic Indian restaurant that brings a diversity of flavours and regional Indian cuisine to the people. We aim to modernize age-old Indian recipes and bring forth scrumptiously delicious meals to diners in this region, albeit without compromising on the true essence of Indian cuisine. We believe that food cooked with patience and love always tastes good and yummy. Hence, our motto is No Curry- in-a-Hurry!

The KOKUM is a destination for those who crave incredible authentic Indian food. We want to be brave and willing to go that extra mile to guarantee you a unique dining experience in an elegant environment.

The Kokum believes

  • Giving back to the society by working together with local establishments.
  • Try and practice to minimize environmental footprint.
  • Fundamental right of everyone to be free from hunger hence teamed up with few charities.
For more information

Please call us on – 01494700500 | Email us at – info@thekokum.co.uk

Our Vision

To offer our guests a modern gourmet experience and the taste of authentic Indian cuisine alongside the finest hospitality. We strive to maintain high hygiene standards and serve in a warm and friendly environment.

Our Mission

To provide exceptionally delicious food, which is sourced sustainably: from using freshly grounded organic spices to buying ingredients from local suppliers. We promise to deliver a unique dining experience with our authentic Indian recipes.